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  1. Please read the Booking Rules below.
  2. You can set up a customer account for the booking system. A customer account is optional and you can still book without one.

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Lodge Fees

(As at April, 2019) All lodges are the same price

Members Per Night

Senior (18 and over)$41
Junior (11 to 17)$35
Child (up to 10)$30

Non Members Per Night

Senior (18 and over) $61
Junior (11 to 17)$50
Child (up to 10)$40
Group (Minimum 10 people to qualify)$56
School groups (minimum 10, Senior or Junior)$42

These rates include Breakfast and Dinner.
Duties are assigned by the Trip Leader or Lodge Manager.

Booking Process

When you make your booking, please name all the people you are booking for, and the ages of anyone under 18. This helps us with the duties roster, and is for safety purposes (in case of evacuation). When you submit your booking you will receive an automated email, to confirm the booking has reached the booking officer – the booking is in a “Pending” state. You need to pay for your booking at this point.

Once the Booking Officer checks the booking and that the payment has been received, they will allocate you to a room and send you a confirmation email with the invoice/receipt attached - the booking is “Confirmed”. (Please check this as mistakes do happen).

If you need to change your booking then please email the booking officer who will make the changes and re-send the confirmation email and an updated invoice/receipt.

Each Thursday a trip list will be sent to everyone who has booked for the coming week, if you are booking after Thursday pm, see same day booking instructions below.

The booking process works best if you book early.

Note: an ASC member does the booking service on a voluntary basis. The bookings are monitored twice a day. In the ski season your confirmation will take at least 24 hours.

Booking Rules

All bookings in the ski season (school holidays included) are open for the full season and operate on a first come first served basis.

Bookings can be made for the winter season from 1st of May each year.

Club members may only have 3 bookings at one time, unless you are a parent with children in ski school. In this situation you can make all your ski school bookings at the beginning of the season then these bookings can be confirmed and rooms allocated.

Bookings must be paid for before the booking can be confirmed. If payments are made on Friday or the weekend, confirmation may not happen till Monday.

Same Day Bookings Instructions

We understand the mountain calls to you and you need to go.

Same day bookings, or bookings made for the weekend after the trip list has been sent out (Thursday 8:00PM) require a different process:

  1. Firstly check with the custodian of the lodge you are wanting to stay at if there is room to stay. Email the custodian or phone the lodge. See contacts for details
  2. Bookings must then be made and paid for in the normal way through the ASC online booking site.
  3. After your stay you will receive the system confirmation of your booking/payment.

Weekend Booking Rules

Weekend bookings are a minimum of two nights. This is either Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday nights. If a single Friday or Saturday night is part of a week booking it is considered as meeting the minimum of two nights criteria.

If a Friday or Saturday night is free by the Wednesday night preceding the weekend, the Friday or Saturday may be booked as a single night.

Child/Junior Member Bookings

Junior members (part of a family membership) are defined as being between the ages of 11 and 22 years inclusive. Juniors can switch to a senior membership from the age of 18, enabling them full senior membership rights, by paying a senior subscription.

All child/junior persons must be under the care and control of a parent or senior member for the whole of their stay. (This includes junior members eligible for senior status, i.e. over the age of 18).

For safety reasons, no children under the age of 5 are permitted at Iwikau Lodge.

Permission is not required for under 5 year olds being booked into the Ohakune and Tukino lodges, however parents need be considerate of other people booking into the lodge, and be aware of safety considerations at Tukino.

Non-Member Guest Rules and Instructions

All guests must be booked in with a member, and that member is responsible for them in the lodge.

In August or School Holidays there is an 8 day booking withholding period for non-member guests as this is our busiest month for members. If you are booking a non-member in August or School Holidays, please book them on a separate booking to the member booking. Mention in the notes which member they are booked in with. This means the members booking can be confirmed immediately and the non-members 8 days beforehand.

Senior members may book in non-member guests any other time, but can only bring the same non-member guest once a season. (This is to promote bringing new non-member guests to experience Aorangi and encourage them to join).

Group Bookings

A minimum of 10 people is required to qualify for the group booking rate.

School groups can book in for week nights only. Let the booking officer know as soon as you can if you want to book a school group. An early booking is made to secure the space, which can be updated with the detail later. A minimum of 10 people is required to qualify as a school group – the school group booking rate is applied for all people in the group.

Other groups book using the usual booking process.

Payment Instructions

Payments must be made by direct credit to Aorangi Ski Club ANZ Account number: 01 0505 0085855 00. Please include your surname and the booking reference number.

Payments must be made at the time of booking. (Remember: These payments are transferred to our account overnight and only on business days so payments can take some time to get to our account).

Bookings will only be confirmed after your booking is checked and payment is made. Available bunks otherwise remain open. Same day bookings can be confirmed by the custodian of the relevant lodge.


Cancellations of bookings must be made no later than 3 days before the booking is due to start i.e. Tuesday pm for the weekend. (This is because after that time fresh food is purchased for the lodge based on the numbers booked)

School holiday cancellations are required to be made 1 week prior to the date the booking commences.

Refund of Fees

If the required notice is given, accommodation fees, less the booking fee of $2 per night, will be refunded to you.

Late cancellations are not eligible for a refund.

In the case of family illness, or road closure at Iwikau and Tukino causing the late cancellation of a booking, a refund can be considered. Please email with the reason for cancellation (please include your booking reference number, and your bank account details for the refund). The refund committee will consider a refund in these cases, and will need to take into account the booking fee, any food costs and whether the bunk has been re-allocated when making this decision.

Lodge Opening

In the interests of safety and economy Iwikau and Tukino Lodges require a minimum of 2 members to be present for the Lodge to open.

Summer Bookings

Summer bookings for Ohakune only are self catered and are made through the booking system at the summer rates. The booking process is the same as for winter bookings but rooms are not allocated. Tukino and Iwikau are also available for summer bookings, please contact the booking officer for enquiries for these lodges.

Associate members

• Have the same booking rights as full members.

Non-active members

• Rates are the same as non-member rates but with a maximum of two nights accommodation per season. Those wishing to stay more than 2 nights must upgrade to active membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How come I could book online but was then told the lodge was full?

The booking system allows 5 extra bookings. This is to maintain a waiting list. -You will know that you are wait listed as the booking system will come up with "overbooking" on the top left hand side.

I made my payment on Saturday and now I have a reminder email?

Payments made on Saturday and Sunday are not transferred to our account until Monday night and not seen by the booking officer until Tuesday. The payment then needs to be reconciled to the booking. Sometimes that can take a few days. If you know you have made a payment in the last 4 days then ignore this email. If you keep getting reminder emails then email the booking officer. Payments can be missed.

If there aren’t enough available bunks for all of my party, can they sleep on a mattress in the lounge?

No. This is not allowed as it is does not comply with our lodge licence.

What about meals?

During winter, breakfast and dinner are supplied. These are cooked by people staying at the lodge who have that duty. A meal is not supplied to people arriving at Ohakune lodge on Friday night. Lunch can be DIY from leftovers or as the custodian may direct.

Will I need to do a duty?

Everyone staying at the lodge will be allocated a duty by either the custodian or the trip leader. The duty list will be displayed on a notice board near the kitchen. The types of duty vary and include: cooking, dishes, vacuuming, bathrooms

What should I bring?

A sleeping bag, pillowslip and towel are essential personal requirements for all Lodges. You will need a backpack to transport your equipment over the walking track to Iwikau. This takes approximately 15 minutes on a snow track. A head torch is strongly recommended if walking in at night. You may wish to bring nibbles and any special dietary requirements.

I’ve got half way through my booking and want to change it?

You may use the “+Add to Booking” button to add information, or the pencil Icon to the right of the lodge name to edit the booking before it is submitted. If you use the back key in your browser you will see under the New Booking heading a note that “you have a booking in progress”. There are two buttons next to this “view” and “clear”. “clear” will cancel your progress so far and the booking, “view” will take you back to your original booking form.

Booking Officers

For enquiries only. Book using the online system Click here (opens in a new window).

Iwikau and Ohakune

Rose Graham
Email questions:


Bruce McGregor
Aorangi Booking Officer
Box 1945
Taupo 3351
Phone: 07-377 0807 (between 8:00AM and 10:00PM please)
Email questions: