Annual Subscription 2023

Senior (Single)$332
Family (any number of siblings)$626
Student (Student ID required)$119
Child (up to 10)$64
Junior (11 to 22)$119
Veteran (member for over 35 years)$84
We offer a 20% discount on the above if you pay next year’s sub by December 31st.

Tukino Only Membership Class 2023

Gives access to Tukino Lodge only.

Senior (Single)$96
Family (any number of siblings)$119

A Family subscription is defined as: One or two adults (that would qualify as senior members) and any number of children/young adults under the age of 23, where the adults are either a parent, grandparent or guardian of all said children/young adults. This includes exchange students who are temporarily considered part of the family.

A Student subscription is defined as: Full or part time student, including apprentice, with proof of enrolment or student ID from a tertiary course, between the age of 18 to 26 years inclusive.

Upon turning 18 years old a young adult who is a Junior member may elect to become a Senior member as defined in the constitution and therefore receive the benefits of that class of membership. The application form below should be completed.

Aorangi also offers overseas membership for members who wish to suspend membership while traveling abroad. Non-active when members are taking a temporary break from the club and want to retain membership.


Membership Secretary

John McGregor
Aorangi Box 1945
Ph: 04-479 1194 (between 8:00am and 10:00pm please)