Lodge Rules

  1. Under 5s are only permitted at Tukino and Ohakune lodges, although please be aware of road safety requirements at Tukino, and be considerate of other lodge users.
  2. All junior and child members must be under the care of a parent or senior sponsor while staying in the lodge. The booking officer will not find a sponsor but can give out a list of senior members booked in that weekend.
  3. There is a limit of three children per adult, including the adult’s own child or children, except school group bookings.
  4. All non-member guests must be accompanied by a member who booked them in. That member is responsible for them in the lodge.
  5. A sleeping bag, pillowslip and towel are essential for all Lodges.
  6. Anyone arriving at the lodge without a booking must first contact the booking officer to check on the availability of bunks and shall provide immediate payment by Internet banking. Trip leaders are not authorised to accept cash payment.
  7. In the interests of safety and economy Iwikau and Tukino lodges require a minimum of 2 members to be present for the lodge to open.
  8. Please keep your room tidy and vacuum it on your day of departure.
  9. Do not waste water as we are on tank supply.
  10. Trip leader’s decision is final.
  11. All members are allocated duties to do while in staying in the lodge e.g. dishes, cooking and food preparation, and cleaning. Please ensure you check the duty list and do your allocated duty.
  12. No smoking in all lodges, at all times, you may smoke outside the lodges but please dispose of your butts responsibly.
  13. No noise in the bunkrooms after 10:00pm.
  14. Please advise trip leader/custodian if you are leaving the lodge.
  15. At night pack a grab bag for emergency exit. We have had a fire before and nearly lost the Iwikau lodge. Include…
    • Car keys (in jacket pocket)
    • Wallet
    • Phone
    • Medication
    • Spectacles
    • Torch
    • Beside your bed: Waterproof tramping or walking boots
  16. No skis or ski boots beyond the wet entry.
  17. Do not leave the heaters on in the bunkrooms.
  18. Last one out of the lodge? Please ensure all doors and windows are closed, heaters and lights are off and the lodge is secure before you leave.
  19. If you are sick, please don’t bring it to the mountain.