Club Races with a Difference

As well as our normal Club Championship races based on age and gender we also run the following races that are designed to generate fun and competition:

The Shredders & Splitters Race held at Tukino. This race is for skiers and snowboarders from the top of the Aorangi tow to the bottom of the Whangaehu tow. The first skier and snowboarder home share the trophy. It is a timed race with no handicap, so come on all you skiers and snowboarders lets have some fun.

Nord/Sud Race
A North Vs South fun event. Nord(North of the mountain, Sud South of the mountain).
Two teams of eight people, 8 from North of the Mountain and 8 South of the Mountain.
The winning team shall be the one to carry out all the activities and be lined up at the finish.

  1. Ski backwards
  2. Take jacket off and put on backwards
  3. Forwards roll
  4. Ski carrying potato between knees
  5. Yodel
  6. Ski on one ski
  7. Do a 360o turn

The George Shield held at Whakapapa. This race is for all juniors 11 and under at 30th June. Lets see some of our younger Aorangi members join in the fun for this one.

The Schnapps Cup, Tukino Cup and Sud-Norde Challenge held at Tukino. This weekend is always great. The Schnapps Cup and Sud-Norde Challenge is an obstacle course race. The Tukino Cup is a timed handicap race of suitable design to accommodate our fastest and best to our slowest and beginner racers. Come to Tukino and try these races, you’re guaranteed a fun weekend. Schnapps is supplied!

The Turoa Cup and the Snowboard Trophy will be raced on the racecourse at Turoa.

The Aorangi Cup will be held at Tukino. The Aorangi Cup is a team slalom race, very exhausting but a lot of fun.
The Hoons Trophy is ski or snowboard down both tows, then ride a mountain bike down the road to Base camp. Desert Alpine Club organizes this race.

View the race dates on the Events Calendar.

The Centennial Tukino Cup is presented to the fastest or the other gender to the winner of the Tukino Cup.

The Shredders/Splitters is an award for the winner of top to bottom race at the Bottom Tow – flat out speed race for skiers and snowboarders together.